Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pacquiao Vs Cotto Pre-fight Analysis and Prediction

Now, I am no professional boxing analyst but I do watch boxing especially Manny Pacquiao's (world's number 1 pound-for-pound fighter) fights. He is fun to watch with his sort of unorthodox south paw but very lethal style. His quickness is unbelievable and is often used to his advantage. Coupled with his outstanding footwork, the Pacman has developed a "snake-like" style which is difficult to counter. Miguel Cotto on the other hand is a champion as well. He currently holds the WBO Welterweight title and he is still young. Unlike Pacquiao, Cotto has power on his side due to his naturally larger physique. But who will prevail in the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight?

Let us start with Cotto. He is a natural welterweight fighter and that brings an advantage to him. You may call it something like a "home-court advantage". He doesn't need to adapt too much unlike Pacquiao who has to go up in weight just to fight him. Cotto is not a champion for no reasons. Given that alone, Team Pacquiao's party should not take this fight lightly. He will bring out everything he's got come fight night as his title is at stake. He is also much younger than Pacquiao. However, since Pacquiao is still in his prime, this might not hold much of an advantage. To win this fight, Cotto has to play an intelligent game. He might learn a few things from Marquez who the Pacman had a hard time beating. He also has to time his punches correctly or else waste his energy punching the wind.

Pacquiao on the other hand, is favored by many to win the fight. Majority of boxing fans around the world feel that he will win this fight because he is still in his prime and he has the momentum coming from his last fights against other title-holders of different weight classes. It is true that Cotto would be his hardest match up. Cotto is bigger and stronger than his other opponents. But then again, Pacquiao's last fights feature opponents bigger and larger than him so he should already be used to that.

Pacman's biggest advantage is neither his speed nor his growing strength (as evident in his stronger power punches against Hatton), but it is his amazing boxing IQ. He is in his prime but he is still improving and that what's makes him a nightmare for his opponents. If you follow his previous fights, you would have seen a reckless Manny Pacquiao who only has a power left hand in his arsenal. Today, he's got various weapons in there. He can get you with either his left or right hand. He'll confuse you with his lightning-fast moves. If you love playing arcade games, you know that the secret to win is by having different combos to confuse the enemy. Manny Pacquiao has that.

In order to win, Pacquiao just has to be himself plus he needs to play intelligently as well. He needs to be cautious of the power punches as one or two can really take a toll on him.

Unfortunately for Cotto, reality is on the side of the Filipino. Pacquaio is still in his prime and is fighting not for the money but for glory. So what is my verdict? Pacquiao will win in 5 rounds by TKO.

On November 14, watch out for the Pacquiao vs Cotto live stream in the Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Feed site.

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